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This site has now been superseeded by the new Shakinda Productions Website, This one will remain live here for those who still want to read posts etc. You may also be intersted in the Quartz Composer Book Site and We would love you to come say hello on the Shakinda Facebook or you can follow us on twitter thanks for all who supported the vj gigs and here's to the future!


Titles / Branding Showreel 2011

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At Shakinda we deliver engaging and powerful motion graphics for your brand. From broadcast, viral to live events and interactive displays we ensure your image is cutting edge and creating a buzz.

Motion treatments are one part of our comprehensive visual services. We also offer HD video production, Large scale building projection and interactive programming have a look around the site or get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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Over the last couple of weeks Shakinda has been putting together an updated showreel, it includes live 3d envirnoments, wii video scratching and an nwa belfast remix :)

Vj Shakinda Showreel July 2007 from shakinda and Vimeo.

Also the location of the stray cinema screening on the 21st of August has been announced as the Ditch bar, on shoreditch highstreet in london. So come on round if you're in town

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