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This site has now been superseeded by the new Shakinda Productions Website, This one will remain live here for those who still want to read posts etc. You may also be intersted in the Quartz Composer Book Site and We would love you to come say hello on the Shakinda Facebook or you can follow us on twitter thanks for all who supported the vj gigs and here's to the future!


Shakinda @ LPM 2011 in Rome Quatz Workshop

Tags: lpm, qc, shakinda, rome, quartz_composer

Shakinda will be returning to the LPM this year to present a Quartz Composer Workshop, the new Learning Quartz Composer Book soon to be published by Pearson and a unique performance!

To book your place on the workshop please visit the LPM website

To vote on what topics should be covered hear over to the Vj Forums

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