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This site has now been superseeded by the new Shakinda Productions Website, This one will remain live here for those who still want to read posts etc. You may also be intersted in the Quartz Composer Book Site and We would love you to come say hello on the Shakinda Facebook or you can follow us on twitter thanks for all who supported the vj gigs and here's to the future!


B Seite, New Zealand and the push for 100,000

Tags: bseite, germany, vj, gig, planet, love, nz, nye, 100000

Last weekend was a lot of fun Shakinda was over performing, jamming and giving a workshop at the excellent B Seite festival in Mannheim, Germany pics...

We are pleased to announce that 2008 will be going out with a bang, Shakinda will play Phatz festival in New Zealand, just a few days after the next planet love where Shakinda will once again go head to head with the recently re-voted world's number one dj Armin Van Buuren.

This year so far Shakinda has performed to over 80,000 people. Combined with the ongoing 1100 capacity residency at Yello, boxing night and NYE we are hopeful he will break the 100,000 barrier. Truly marking 2008 as a red letter year for Ireland's most exciting VJ.

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Pete Tong Video Podcast residency, More Quartz Tuorials

Tags: Pete_Tong,, Fast_Traxs,, Quartz,, Tutorial

Happy new year from everyone at shakinda!.

Janurary has been an exciting development month, seeing shakinda working on new content and developing his 12x3 set using a matrox tripple head to go.

Shakinda was invited by world famous DJ Pete Tong to contribute a visual clip for unreleased remixes in his rebranded video podcast. Fast Trax is viewed by over 100,000 people every month and Shakinda's visuals weekly appearance and credit further establishes him as one of the hottest visual talents around. Watch it here

Keen to pass on some of his hard work and open up Quartz Composer to more vjs, Shakinda has been continuing the Irishman's guide to quartz. Check out lesson 4 on the dev blog
image of quartz patch

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