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This site has now been superseeded by the new Shakinda Productions Website, This one will remain live here for those who still want to read posts etc. You may also be intersted in the Quartz Composer Book Site and We would love you to come say hello on the Shakinda Facebook or you can follow us on twitter thanks for all who supported the vj gigs and here's to the future!


Quartz Composer book coming soon

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Its been very busy at Shakinda recently and hard to know where to start on the news front. Great workshops at the Urban Arts Academy in Belfast, Fun gigs with Nakatomi towers at Stiff Kitten and continued residencies at Lush! and Yello. More production work for the new Yello visuals and DVD and Play and Wired and Belfast Exposed. We have now launched vj equipment rental services in response to popular demand!

Realtime Motion Graphics with Quartz Composer is a book and DVD project authored by Shakinda & Surya Buchwald, to be published by Pearson. Started nine months ago, this project aims to introduce Quartz Composer as a very powerful and fun graphical programming environment. Despite its massive potential for real-time audio reactive solutions, Quartz Composer is still mainly publicized for the creation screensaver, and remains woefully under-used as a visualization tool. The Mastering Quartz Composer book could change this forever.

This book and DVD shows the full potential of Quatz Composer, from taking a complete novice through the software setup process and getting to grips its interface, all the way to enabling the modelization of complex 3d audio reactive environments, midi interaction, to retrieving online database information.

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Signup to Shakinda's Exclusive 4 Day Quartz Composer workshop @ LPM Rome

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lpm flyer

Shakinda will be giving a world exclusive 4 day workshop at the famous Live Performers Meeting in Rome this year. From Thurs 28th to Sun 31st May you will get the opportunity to learn Quartz Composer from scratch and come out the other side a guaranteed quartz guru. He will be using this workshop to test out some of the material in the upcoming Pearson Education Book on Quartz he is writing and will we getting some input from other quartz legends who will be in Rome for the meeting. The first session is free and then if you want to carry on the cost is 40 euro Sign up here

The LPM will see over 200 live visual performers in the same space and so will be a great place for transfer of ideas etc and Shakinda is proud to represent ireland on this european stage.

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Hip hop and the Launch of Shakinda's Quatz tutorials

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Last night saw Shakinda throw down with some of the biggest names in Irish Hip Hop Culture. The premier of Chris Eva's feature length documentary "Love, Peace, Unity and Having Fun" was screened in the Catalyst Arts Centre in Belfast. Shakinda contributed a guest edit to the film and then Vjed with a live mash up of the movie along with Djs Concept, The Fat Controller, Sally, MCs Kat, Beemicksee, Miles, the legendary Belfast City Breakers and the pure riotous Team Fresh. All this with an architectural across the Gallery's roof garden onto a derelict building, and graf from Jester made for a very special evening.

Shakinda's commitment to visual culture and development of the VJ art form has lead to him establishing a unique set of video tutorials in one of his favourite tools Quartz Composer. Hoping to breakdown some of the barriers to this powerful visual programming language Shakinda has entitled it "The Irishman's Guide to Quartz". Visit the Dev Blog section of the site to check them out.

image of quartz patch
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Next sat in the blackbox

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Come on down for some shakinda video fun. Also next week Shakinda will be proud to provide visuals for the Energie - Ms Sixty Fashion Show also at the blackbox

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