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Gallery Yujiro's Ikkyou Tanjoubi - Surprise Birthday

Tags: art, gig, london, belfast, bluetree, yujiro

The Directors of the Gallery and honorary Guests Anne Marie Martin, Chairman British Chamber of Commerce, Richard Ralf, Uk Ambassador, Cllr Bob Skelly, Major of Southwalk will host an exclusive night of art and performance from some of the hotest international contemporary artists London has to offer.

Leading us into the late hours are, Eclectic DJ duo Jellybass with a sensational audio experience, featuring their own ground breaking genre of deep bassy beats, pulsing grooves and floor filling live set. Accompanying the sounds is VJ Shakinda who presents an exciting show of kenetic visual art, with one off site specific works and Yujiro-inspired imagery.

Also in the next two weeks will be the much anticipated album launch of Belfast band Bluetree, Shakinda has been working alongside the band for several months so get down to the Elwood hall on the 22nd to have you head blown off by some serious live AV

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Art College and Ministry of Sound

Tags: gig, art, college, news

Time's been moving fast since the stray cinema gig. Everyone there enjoyed it and it was a pleasure for shakinda to work with Michelle, dan, aka, anathesia associates, Hess is more and Eve black eve white. A few connections made will hopefully see a little more shakinda in shoreditch...

Looking forward, shakinda will begin a new relationship with the belfast art college, providing visuals in their legendary and remodelled union. A location famous for its fresh creative talent, and previous haunt of F visuals the original belfast vj.

Just confimed is also news that shakinda will play at Cross Over of Senses at Ministry of Sound London, on October 13th. This is a very special night which sees the club transformed into one of the most immersive visual envirnoments club nights in the world. Tickets and more info...

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new mix, more festival bookings and tekumah next week

Tags: news, gig, demo

Above is my entry to the cargo intel dj/vj battle, its for a final battle in the london club at the end of the month, there were some good other entries but so we'll have to see.

Im now booked for Summer Maddness a big festival on the outskirts of Belfast witha cool spiritual slant. Im doing a downtempo breaks set with my man Navara.

Next Tuesday is Tekumah presents... convulsion, with retro gaming consoles, its gonna be one not to miss...

convulsion flyer mono next tues

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