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This site has now been superseeded by the new Shakinda Productions Website, This one will remain live here for those who still want to read posts etc. You may also be intersted in the Quartz Composer Book Site and We would love you to come say hello on the Shakinda Facebook or you can follow us on twitter thanks for all who supported the vj gigs and here's to the future!


Across the Water Extreme Sports Promo

Tags: video_promo, ireland, kitesurfing, film

Shakinda was commissioned by Blade Kites and Kite Surf Warehouse to create a Uk scene promo video for the 2011 Kites. We produced the video from original ideas though, story-boarding, shooting, edit, post, grade and titles. Its well on its way to 2000 views with just a couple of days online.

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Shakinda @ LPM 2011 in Rome Quatz Workshop

Tags: lpm, qc, shakinda, rome, quartz_composer

Shakinda will be returning to the LPM this year to present a Quartz Composer Workshop, the new Learning Quartz Composer Book soon to be published by Pearson and a unique performance!

To book your place on the workshop please visit the LPM website

To vote on what topics should be covered hear over to the Vj Forums

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Corporate Promo Video gets 1000 views in under 24hours

Tags: video, HD, promo, corporate

Iomart Hosting one of the Uk's leading hosting groups came to Shakinda to produce a killer promo video to explain their services and drive traffic to their website. The results can be seen below:

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Titles / Branding Showreel 2011

Tags: showreel, 2011

At Shakinda we deliver engaging and powerful motion graphics for your brand. From broadcast, viral to live events and interactive displays we ensure your image is cutting edge and creating a buzz.

Motion treatments are one part of our comprehensive visual services. We also offer HD video production, Large scale building projection and interactive programming have a look around the site or get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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5000 viewers a week

Tags: yello, content, clubs

Shakinda's content is the first choice of all the best parties in Ireland. Yello, Lush! and all the other nights and locations where our content is shown and performed adds up to roughly 5000 people are exposed to the Shakinda goodness weekly! Viva the Vj revolution

Shakinda has been in control of all that goes on the screens at Belfast finest club Yello since 2008. Since then it has picked up a top 6 spot in the UK according to mixmag and just generally been awesome.

So for the 4th birthday Shakinda gave them a little something extra

Recently another great night continued into its second year with exclusive visual content from Shakinda.

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Shakinda Charity promo raises awareness and 10k in first night

Tags: Standout, chairty, video, filmmaking

At Shakinda we have a triple bottom line philosophy we don't just want to create incredible motion graphics, moives and interactive experiences we want to try and make the world a better place.

Over the last few months we have been working with Stand Out International to create a video to promote their charity and to provoke a concert crowd to get involved in helping end child sex exploitation.

The brief was wide open and Shakinda devised the video from original concept, through script writing, filming to post-production, special effects and delivery. It was shown last night to a crowd of just over 2500 people and they raised an impressive 10,000! The money will be going straight into projects on the ground in Thailand and Cambodia for more info check out the Stand Out website.

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Shakinda Vj Workshop at Trans / Urban Arts Academy 2010

Tags: workshop, vj, city, council, belfast, urban, arts, academy

Shakinda will once again be delivering a 2 day introduction to Vjing and Live Video Art as part of the highly successful Trans Urban Arts Academy. This Belfast City Council initiative presents a wide range of courses to equip Belfast's young creatives to take the world by storm. So whether you are a Dj who wants to add visuals to his set or a film maker who wants to learn some non-linear story telling, or just wonder what this whole vj thing is Book a place for July 10th & 11th and get down!

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Shakinda presents: Beloved projections for Belfast City Council 12-2-10

Tags: outdoor-projections,, belfast,, ireland,, video, art,, vj

This is a short video made from a recent piece of subtle outdoor projections, for a festival Belfast City Council put on for Valentines. The concept was for people in the city to be surprised by pieces of art and performance hidden around the city.

In light of the Beloved theme and recent political developments I chose to try and communicate unconditional love and the amazing things that can be achieved when people choose love as their first priority.

Thanks to 3rd sorce, Adam Turkington, Victoria Square and the other Belfast Vjs who contributed; Christian S, Vj Yaygo and Vj Phoenix

Music: Bluetree : Your Love (Alt version Shakinda re-edit)

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Quartz Composer book coming soon

Tags: quartz, composer,, rental,, vj,, belfast,, urban, arts,, trans,, nakatomi, towers,, mac

Its been very busy at Shakinda recently and hard to know where to start on the news front. Great workshops at the Urban Arts Academy in Belfast, Fun gigs with Nakatomi towers at Stiff Kitten and continued residencies at Lush! and Yello. More production work for the new Yello visuals and DVD and Play and Wired and Belfast Exposed. We have now launched vj equipment rental services in response to popular demand!

Realtime Motion Graphics with Quartz Composer is a book and DVD project authored by Shakinda & Surya Buchwald, to be published by Pearson. Started nine months ago, this project aims to introduce Quartz Composer as a very powerful and fun graphical programming environment. Despite its massive potential for real-time audio reactive solutions, Quartz Composer is still mainly publicized for the creation screensaver, and remains woefully under-used as a visualization tool. The Mastering Quartz Composer book could change this forever.

This book and DVD shows the full potential of Quatz Composer, from taking a complete novice through the software setup process and getting to grips its interface, all the way to enabling the modelization of complex 3d audio reactive environments, midi interaction, to retrieving online database information.

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Signup to Shakinda's Exclusive 4 Day Quartz Composer workshop @ LPM Rome

Tags: lpm, rome, quartz, workshop


lpm flyer

Shakinda will be giving a world exclusive 4 day workshop at the famous Live Performers Meeting in Rome this year. From Thurs 28th to Sun 31st May you will get the opportunity to learn Quartz Composer from scratch and come out the other side a guaranteed quartz guru. He will be using this workshop to test out some of the material in the upcoming Pearson Education Book on Quartz he is writing and will we getting some input from other quartz legends who will be in Rome for the meeting. The first session is free and then if you want to carry on the cost is 40 euro Sign up here

The LPM will see over 200 live visual performers in the same space and so will be a great place for transfer of ideas etc and Shakinda is proud to represent ireland on this european stage.

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