Ireland's Only Dedicated Vj / Live Visual Rental Service

Shakinda understands the equipment required to deliver mind blowing visual performances and is currently the only rental option for pro level vj tools in Ireland. We also have great working relationships with many production companies should you also require display rental. From high end projection to LED panels, media servers to display matrices we have the expertise to deliver.

Free delivery and pick up in the greater Belfast area, alternatively pick up or courier service available. Weekend = 1.5 days, Week = 3days. All prices in sterling including VAT.

Contact us on bookings @ or +44 77529 4577

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Edirol V8 - 70/ day

The Edirol V8 is the industry standard Vj mixer. An 8 Channel SD video mixer which accepts 2 computer VGA inputs, allowing you to mix Cameras, DVDs, Vj software, powerpoint etc all live with advanced options such as BPM sync and hundreds of effects. Midi Controllable V-Link.

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Edirol P10 - 50/ day

The Edirol P10 is the first Audio and Video live sampler and trigger. Running on standard SD cards which can be loaded with video and audio loops, or recorded live then clips can be triggered, speed up and slowed down, scratched and effected. A really intuitive bit of kit and great for first steps into A/V. Midi Controllable from abelton etc.V Link.

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Pioneer DVJ 1000 - 70/ day

Get the best of both CD and DVD worlds scratch, loop and cue both audio and video with the DVJ-1000. Offering the same operation and layout as the CDJ-1000MK3, but with enhanced DVD specifications, you can easily create and add visuals to your set. Manipulate DVDs as you would music - digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible. You can perform audio-only sets while having the option to mix in DVD, with a powerful and versatile range of effects. The best of both worlds.

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Edirol V4 - 45/ day

The Edirol V4 is more affordable version of the V8 mixer. Suitable if you only need 4 Channels and can scan convert any computer feeds. Great for mixing Cameras, DVDs, Vj software etc with advanced options such as BPM sync and many effects. Midi Controllable V-Link.

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Matrox Tripple Head 2 Go - 20/ day

The Tripple head allows you 3 outputs from a standard 1 output graphics card. Thereby allowing 3 independent outputs from a standard laptop. Advice on setup and appropriate projection solutions available. This is the DVI version but 3 x DVI to VGA converters can be supplied for an additional 5 /day

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Benq 2000 Lumen Projector - 50/ day

This portable sized projector is available with ceiling mount (10/day) and rigged for 20. Its 2000 lumen and 2000:1 contrast ratio which makes it ideal for club nights, gigs and small events.

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Various Preview monitors, cabling, etc available on request.

Contact us on or +44 77529 4577

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